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Full range of 24-hour funeral services

Apbedīšanas pieteikuma formēšana, konsultācijas
Funeral application forming, consulting
Dokumentu noformēšana
Document processing of the deceased
Nelaiķa transportēšana
Transportation of the deceased
  • Funeral application processing in our office;

  • Qualified agent home visit who will form the funeral application at your home;

  • Or you can make an application, by contacting us 24 hours a day;

  • Free advice around the clock.

  • Receipt of medical certificates of cause of death; 

  • Forming of the death certificate;

  • Funeral benefit forming VSAA etc. benefit forming;

  • Preparation of documents for the transportation of the deceased to / from abroad;

  • Other necessary death paperwork processing.

  • Transportation of the deceased from home, nursing home and other places to morgue;

  • Transportation of the deceased to chapel;

  • Transportation of the deceased to crematorium;

  • Transportation of the deceased to / from abroad;

Transporta nodrosinasa pavaditajiem.jpg
Apbedīšanas piederumi un aksesuāri.jpg
Funeral supplies and accessories
Kapu kopšana, labiekārtošana.jpg
Grave maintenance
  • Transport services (5th and 8th bus).

  • Funeral supplies and accessories; 

  • Coffins (standard, non-standard):

  • Upholstered in fabric; 

  • Wooden coffins. folk blankets, voiles, slippers, scarves; wooden crosses, plates (with the deceased data); 

  • Crosses for the coffin lid, ritual kits, etc.

  • Kimprovement;

  • Grave maintenance

Transport providing for accompanying persons
Bēru banketu pakalpojumi
Sēru ziedi, vainagi
  • Funeral banquet services 

  • Farewell ceremony organization in place of your choice

  • Large funeral ceremony organization

  • Classic wreaths, funeral bouquets, coffin lid decorations, cut flowers. 

  • Mourning ribbons with personalized text

Improvement Funeral
banque services
Funeral flowers, wreaths
Kapu pieminekļi 1
  • blanks

  • installation

  • engraving



​At the most difficult rofessio life, when you have to say good-bye to a loved one, farewell organization many relatives entrust to Skrunda funeral rofes. Here awaits kind and considerate attitude, respectful the deceased care, thoughtful
services, an emotional farewell ceremony with music, rofessional advice and a humane understanding. We also have experience in organizing large funerals

"Indulis Vicinskis", individuālais darbs

Address: Liepajas str. 20, Skrunda, LV-3326, Latvia

24-hour phone

Phone: +371 29533360

Funeral banquet services G. Stepanova

Phone: +371 26421485

Cafe „JUMIS”,
Phone: +371 63331483

Funeral flowers
Phone: +371 27309399

Funeral service
Phone: +371 29533360


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